Our well-coordinated team of professionals creates novel culinary content for magazines, advertisements, social networks and other marketing channels.

We photograph food

Cookbook authors and creative food bloggers will take part in your project and create inspiring recipes using your product. Our photographs reflect our passion for perfect composition, our enthusiasm for working with food and our years of experience. The collaboration between the author of the theme, the decor and food stylist, the production manager and the photographer results in an image that will delight you and your customers.

We write & we plan

We offer editorial services provided by professionals and foodies. Our experienced writers will handle your topic from start to finish.
We prepare stories that will turn readers into fans, and we can plan creative activities so that they intersect your marketing goals.

We work globally

You send the assignment, we come up with a theme. You approve and supervise, we create and provide a result that will put a smile on your face. If you want to look over our shoulder, we can take you.

Food team

Marek Bartoš

Creative Director

He comes up with ideas, writes, takes pictures and makes sure that the result is delicious.

Veronika Šrajerová

Production Manager

She keeps budgets balanced and ensures the well-being of clients with enthusiasm.

Jan Lisec

Studio Manager

He’s in charge of the studio and lighting, and he would do anything for the perfect shot.

Martin Poláček

Art Director

The creator of zesty designs, he adds a good portion of experience to all his work.

Lucie Ketnerová

Kitchen Manager

The queen of our kitchen who makes sure our food is always fresh and ready to shine.

& many more wonderful food enthusiasts

Principles of our collaboration & sustainability

We communicate

We are honest and reliable. We have a human approach our projects that is transparent. We listen to you, and we keep our promises.

We respect people and nature

We are conscious in our actions and we don’t waste. We don't use unnecessary chemicals to improve the appearance of food. After we photograph the food, we donate the leftovers to those in need, and we return all bio-waste to the earth in community gardens.

We recycle and buy food without packaging

Our work doesn't create unnessary plastic waste and we protect the planet. We work with ecological packaging for repeated use. We mostly buy ingredients for photo shoots from local sources and only in the amount necessary.

Our recipes are sensible

We create recipes that anyone can recreate at home using commonly available ingredients. We can make recipes for holidays, seasonal recipes and very simple recipes.

We live for food

Food is our number one topic and we're all a bit crazy for it. We like to discuss it with you and offer you content that will benefit you.